What’s as Dangerous as a Fairy Tale Ending – and How to Avoid It

Photo by Joe Penna

Photo by Joe Penna

Today’s topic comes to us from Jubilare:

“I worry a lot about the dysfunction of my characters being taken as an approval of dysfunction in relationships.…One can avoid idealizing the flaws, sure, but how does one accept that humans and relationships are flawed without sending out the message that people should be satisfied with potentially abusive relationships…without seeming to say ‘look at the nice romance you can have with people who have X dangerous flaws’?”

What is Suspension of Disbelief?

Photo by Adam Hodgson

Photo by Adam Hodgson

I felt awkward as the photographer told me to turn my head this way and that, and our production director played AC/DC from her iPhone to set the mood. Between instructions, the photographer kept up small talk about Jethro Tull and praised my modeling abilities. “You’re a natural!” he said.

Inspiration Monday: time is a relative

I think maybe the best days are the ones in which you are just happy for no particular reason. Of course, I have a million everyday reasons to be happy, but I don’t always feel the effects, if you know what I mean. I’ve just been in a good mood lately, and I’m so grateful for that.

Review: Dictionary.com’s “Writing Dynamo” program

 If you’re on Thesaurus.com (owned by Dictionary.com) as much as I am, you’ve probably seen their Writing Dynamo program advertised. Tagged “Your personal writing coach,” the program professes itself to be “Accurate, effective, web-based proofreading.”

Were you excited?

I was.