Voice Week 2013 Dates!

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Voice Week 2013 will take place November 4 – 8

Yes, friends, the third annual Voice Week is almost here!

What is voice?

Think of voice as the personality behind your writing. It’s not so much what you say, but how you say it. The words you choose and the way you structure your sentences tells us something about you (or the narrator). Middle-aged truckers talk differently from middle school girls.

Inspiration Monday: Childhood Hero

And, it’s been another week! Last weekend I bought a toy cowboy gun (complete with sheriff’s badge), watched an episode of Sherlock, finished another Wodehouse, and wrote another conversation. Ever fear there are too many conversations in your book?

Never mind. Read some flash fiction:



Inspiration Monday: Special Effects

So not only did we get WritingSprint back the other day, Debra comes back this week! (for y’all newbies: it was her idea to start Inspiration Monday). What veteran InMonster will return next? Scribbla? Jinx? Mike? Come on, people, don’t leave me hangin’!

Jody and another