Inspiration Monday: Is That A Real Place?

Listening to this Welcome to Night Vale thing everyone’s talking about. I don’t know if I like it yet…it’s so…strange. Do any of y’all listen to it?

Just a few this week, but good ones.




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Inspiration Monday: The Doctor is Sick

To the British InMonsters: y’all aren’t those folks posting Sherlock spoilers on Pinterest, are you? ‘Cause seriously, it’s like England is trying to get back at America for that whole independence thing. For crying out loud, that was 200 years ago! What would River Song say???

Holiday Archives: How to Get Close to Your Characters

I hope you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a good one! For me, Turkey Day marks the beginning of the holiday season, which means I’m on soft hiatus till the new year. InMon will continue weekly as usual, but on Fridays, you’ll see links to some archived posts from years past. Hopefully they are fresh to you, or at least good reminders. Here’s this week’s!