Inspiration Monday IV

Genius abounded on last week’s Inpiration Monday pieces; be sure to check them out!

Screen Scribbla – I’m Not Crazy

Jinx Writings – Crazy

Rashmikamath – Worse than Death

Mike The Last Book in the Universe and I’m Not Crazy

Indigo Spider – I’m Not Crazy/The Stranger on the Subway

Inspiration Monday III

Inspiration Monday has turned out to be even more fun than I thought; the participants have done an incredible job. I am consistently surprised and impressed by their unique interpretations. You should definitely go check them out:

Jinx Writings

Screen Scribbla

Find an Outlet

Inspiration Monday

Per Debra’s suggestion, I’ve decided to post some weekly writing prompts, here forward known as, “Inspiration Monday.” Of course, because I won’t get around to getting the post up until 8 or 9 pm CST Monday, most of you won’t see it until Tuesday. But I digress.

The Rules