Inspiration Monday: Glass Starship

This month in the InMon library: Entered a short story contest. Drafted a query letter. Contemplated the speed of light. In other news, my Pinterest feed is suddenly full of Hunger Games. Did the last movie just come out, because I thought that was like a year ago?

Inspiration Monday: Angel Investor

This month in the InMon gallery: So many much things happening. Except much writing. Argh. Today I did find myself researching nuclear weapons for the WIP, however. And worrying again about landing on government watch lists. In other news, a new blog post is on its way to answer a question about subplots! Stay tuned.

Inspiration Monday: Family Anti-Matter

This month in the InMon library: Considering that I watched all of “Anne with an E” in three days, I guess I liked it, even though I frequently found reasons to shout at the screen. The internet apparently shares my¬†passion, one way or another. In other news, I ordered three books and one has still not come and I’m irritated even though I haven’t gotten through the first one yet. #FirstWorldBookLoverProblems

Inspiration Monday: The City that Always Sleeps

This month in the InMon Universe: Researched various writing competitions, read sample winners, and found most of them depressing. Then I discovered the To Hull and Back humorous writing contest. The winner’s face gets pasted on the anthology’s cover illustration of a person riding a Harley and holding a flaming quill pen. The contest creator then straps the book to the handlebars of his actual hog and rides it, you guessed it, to Hull and back, and films it all with a GoPro. The man is a genius. Bless him.