Inspiration Monday: The Snark Ages

This week in the InMon lab: Wondering what you’re going to make for dinner tonight and then discovering half a patty melt leftover from yesterday’s lunch in the fridge. In other news, I’m wondering what the neighbors will think of me spreading soil over a new flowerbed after dark. There just wasn’t enough sun in Sunday!

Inspiration Monday: Portable Night

This week in InMon studios: They are taking Doctor Who off of Netflix. But I only have seasons 1-4 on disc. I am trying not to panic. In other news, don’t miss Tolkien on why we write.

And now for our top stories! I found this week to be a particularly fun one on all accounts:

Inspiration Monday: Catastrophic Success

This week at the InMon Times: I discover a very useful book for writers with forensics questions, an interesting article about the James Patterson bestseller machine, and that they’re planning to make a Silver Chair movie after all. All of which you’d already know if you followed me on Pinterest.