Inspiration Monday: Mist Connections

This week on the InMon front:

InMonster Zero attended another library book sale and contracted another boxful, including a tenth anniversary edition of William Gibson’s legendary Neuromancer, which was hiding in the mystery section.

Inspiration Monday: Friend for Hire

This week in InMonatopia:

I found my Tolstoy! Now I can’t find my crayons. Authorities are looking into the theory that the universe is conspiring against me.

And now for our top stories.





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The Rules

Inspiration Monday: Fingerpaint Prophecy

This week on Planet InMon:

InMonster Zero is glad to be back, and still reeling from a particularly fruitful library book sale.

In other news, the new hashtag #VeryRealisticYA is making me laugh.

And studies show, if your prompts randomly rhyme, just go with it.

Inspiration Monday: Knitting Nooses

This week in InMon world: A title prompt inspired by Tale of Two Cities; Screwtape Letters read by Monty Python’s John Cleese; comments now open on ToWanderLost’s blog; and I still can’t find my Tolstoy.

Also, doubt over the plural of noose. Nooses? Nice? Niece?

And now our feature stories:


Inspiration Monday: Philosophy Machine

Our newest InMonster wrote a gorgeous piece and doesn’t even have a place for us to leave admiring, jealous comments. Hopefully next week the mysterious ToWanderLost will allow us to express our appreciation for his/her skillful blend of gritty details and poetic imagery.

In the meantime, we read and sigh.