Voice Week 2014 Recap!

Voice Week 2014

Voice Week 2014 might have been the best one yet. I think the variety of voices, and both the subtle and sharp contrasts between them, were striking. There were old and young, human and animal (and somewhere in between), cynical and optimistic. The stories were intriguing and I was surprised by more than a few twists.

How the Awesomeness Went: Voice Week 2013 Recap

I think my favorite thing about Voice Week is that it’s like Inspiration Monday on steroids. Everybody posts some amazing piece on Monday, and then the awesomeness just keeps coming at you from different angles all week.

October Wallpaper: Voices (what else?)

Voice Week 2013 is just a little over a week away! Now’s the time to sign up – tell me in the comments if you want to. You can actually sign up right through November 4, but the earlier the better!

Aaaand here’s some wallpaper. I like the faces. Though at a glance it looks kind of creepy.

The awesomeness of Voice Week 2012 and how it went


I had forgotten, since last year, just how fun Voice Week was. In fact, what with the wedding and all, I was a bit leery of how much time it would take to collect all the links and so on and so forth…