Echoes in the Vacuum: Part V

The last part!!!

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Part V

rocket ship

Image by Jurvetson

The old man had made his own discoveries before the boy did. He had, in fact, seen the bird people on Gallun-Z not two years ago. But he, too, had sought photos on the webs, and made the same discovery the boy had. But being older and wiser, he had realized what it meant.

Echoes in the Vacuum: Part IV

This is the penultimate chapter! Read Part I, Part II and Part III first.

Part IV

time lapse photo of stars

Image by Dhilung


For two days, the boy did nothing. He couldn’t sleep. He barely ate. He swept the same section of floor twenty times before remembering to move. He watched the comet; he watched the winged people. And he felt a cold sickness grow inside him.

Echoes in the Vacuum: Part II

Continued from yesterday.

Part II


Image by Snowpeak

The boy started small at first, looking at just Campbell-38. It didn’t look so very different from the photos.

You’re a fool, said the boy to himself. Nobody’s hiding anything. He’s just a crotchety old man who wants everything done his way.