9 Storytelling Blunders That Make You Look like an Amateur

image of Riker facepalming

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You may be a grammatical black belt, leaping big vocabulary words in a single bound. But take care: you could still be making elementary mistakes that’ll leave your readers cringing, eye-rolling, and yes, even face-palming.

How to Write Formula Fiction

Image by J. Finn-Irwin

Image by J. Finn-Irwin

You’re probably thinking this entire post should consist of one word:


But it’s not going to. Because as it turns out, there is a right way to write formula fiction.

Let’s start with the preliminaries.

How to Fix Your Sagging Plot

Does your story sag in the middle? Do you feel like you’re plowing through boring scenes just to get to the cool ones? Is your protagonist wandering around aimlessly, looking for the climax?

It’s not enough to have all the major events written down in a neat little list – what you need is structure.

What if Star Wars Episode I Were Good?

I worked late tonight and lacked the brain power to finish this week’s post. But I won’t leave you empty-handed! A commenter, Chris, recently shared this video on my post about George Lucas. Michael of BelatedMedia narrates his version of The Phantom Menace, which, frankly, is better than what we actually got.

6 steps to judging your own writing

When the pages are closing in on you. [image by Thanakrit Du]

When the pages are closing in on you. [image by Thanakrit Du]

You’ve been working on your novel for so long, you no longer know what’s good and what’s bad. You can’t tell whether the tone is right, the pacing is fast enough, or the characters are believable. All you can see is a swarm of words.

You either think it’s all wonderful (you’re wrong) or it’s all terrible (you’re wrong).