5 Reasons Censorship Isn’t Black and White


Image by Isaac Mao

Next week is Banned Books Week, when we stand up for the right to read whatever we darn well please! It’s when organizations like the National Coalition Against Censorship lead us in “promoting freedom of thought, inquiry and expression and opposing censorship in all its forms.”

What’s the last thing you’ll say to the world?

You have a chance to say one last thing to the world.

This thing must be short: less than the length of a tweet.

This thing must be good – it will literally be carved in stone, and people will be reading it for years to come. For some, it will be the only thing they know about you.

Archives for the Holidays: How to control people’s thoughts with words

Happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it! While I stay on top of holiday cheer, I’m posting some of my favorite posts from the archives. This one was originally posted last year on December 10.

How to control people’s thoughts with words

I’m almost afraid to publish this post.

To curse, or not to curse: profanity in fiction

Image by Ian Soper

As literary influencers, as preservers of words, as Guardians of the Language, are writers forbidden—or on the other hand, required—to use profanity?

I could explain my own religious reasons for not swearing (I opt instead for terms like “baloney sandwiches”), but half of you don’t care about that. Because no matter what I believe, it can’t answer the question: