August Wallpaper: That Wasn’t in the Book

This month’s wallpaper was inspired by almost every based-on-a-book movie ever made. The TV photo is by DailyInvention.

In other news, the YouTube version of Pride & Prejudice, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which I reviewed on this blog, just won an Emmy! A rare instance of an adaptation I approve of (though the A&E version is still first in my heart. After the book, of course).

You Tell Me: Best and Worst Books into Movies

I’m out-of-pocket this weekend, being in a wedding, so I’ll just leave this question for the comments:

Having taken our first steps into the Hobbit and Hunger Games movies, Great Gatsby just out, Ender’s Game coming soon and The Book Thief still being cast, what are your thoughts? What movies did you think captured their books well? What movies totally ruined the books? What movies might have improved the books?

3 movies every writer should see

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If your sweetheart is a fellow writer and you’re planning a movie night for Thursday (or, like me, you are celebrating Singles Awareness Day and need verification that you are not alone in the world), try one of these three writerly movies (okay, only one is technically a romance, but work with me here).