5 Reasons Censorship Isn’t Black and White


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Next week is Banned Books Week, when we stand up for the right to read whatever we darn well please! It’s when organizations like the National Coalition Against Censorship lead us in “promoting freedom of thought, inquiry and expression and opposing censorship in all its forms.”

The 300th Post: Featuring the Top 10

Yes folks, you are reading post number 300 on BeKindRewrite! Applause! Music! Fanfare! And in monument to this momentous moment, I present the top ten most viewed posts (so far). Click through and read ’em if you haven’t already.

#10. Tips for Creating Lovable and Relatable Protagonists

#10. Tips for Creating Lovable and Relatable Protagonists

What’s as Dangerous as a Fairy Tale Ending – and How to Avoid It

Photo by Joe Penna

Photo by Joe Penna

Today’s topic comes to us from Jubilare:

“I worry a lot about the dysfunction of my characters being taken as an approval of dysfunction in relationships.…One can avoid idealizing the flaws, sure, but how does one accept that humans and relationships are flawed without sending out the message that people should be satisfied with potentially abusive relationships…without seeming to say ‘look at the nice romance you can have with people who have X dangerous flaws’?”

Archives for the Holidays: How to control people’s thoughts with words

Happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it! While I stay on top of holiday cheer, I’m posting some of my favorite posts from the archives. This one was originally posted last year on December 10.

How to control people’s thoughts with words

I’m almost afraid to publish this post.