10 Cookbooks Inspired by Children’s Fantasy Classics

On a recent work-related web search, I stumbled across one of Roald Dahl’s cookbooks.

Guys. Roald Dahl’s got cookbooks.

Sure, you occasionally hear about a recipe collection inspired by the latest fantasy franchise. But I think there’s something extra special in the idea of recipes from the books we grew up reading. The ones that made our little child-mouths water.

You Tell Me: Best and Worst Books into Movies

I’m out-of-pocket this weekend, being in a wedding, so I’ll just leave this question for the comments:

Having taken our first steps into the Hobbit and Hunger Games movies, Great Gatsby just out, Ender’s Game coming soon and The Book Thief still being cast, what are your thoughts? What movies did you think captured their books well? What movies totally ruined the books? What movies might have improved the books?

What is Suspension of Disbelief?

Photo by Adam Hodgson

Photo by Adam Hodgson

I felt awkward as the photographer told me to turn my head this way and that, and our production director played AC/DC from her iPhone to set the mood. Between instructions, the photographer kept up small talk about Jethro Tull and praised my modeling abilities. “You’re a natural!” he said.