Inspiration Monday: Handcuffing Centipedes

This week at the InMon estate: I bought an old electric Smith-Corona typewriter and it is a thing of BEAUTY. In other news, a dragon-related award-acceptance post is still forthcoming.

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Inspiration Monday: Musical Blueprints

This week in InMon Central: InMonster Zero was brushing her teeth around midnight:thirty, preparing to turn down for the customary forty winks when she suddenly remembered it was Monday.

In other news, now I really want Cocoa Puffs.

So, yeah. Here’s the stuff, a bit late:

Inspiration Monday: Support Groups Anonymous

This week in InMonomania: Happy Star Wars Day! In other news, my characters become intoxicated with truth serum and decide to open a taco stand in space. Experts believe I may need a vacation.

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Inspiration Monday: Mist Connections

This week on the InMon front:

InMonster Zero attended another library book sale and contracted another boxful, including a tenth anniversary edition of William Gibson’s legendary Neuromancer, which was hiding in the mystery section.