Inspiration Monday: Glass Starship

This month in the InMon library: Entered a short story contest. Drafted a query letter. Contemplated the speed of light. In other news, my Pinterest feed is suddenly full of Hunger Games. Did the last movie just come out, because I thought that was like a year ago?

Inspiration Monday: The City that Always Sleeps

This month in the InMon Universe: Researched various writing competitions, read sample winners, and found most of them depressing. Then I discovered the To Hull and Back humorous writing contest. The winner’s face gets pasted on the anthology’s cover illustration of a person riding a Harley and holding a flaming quill pen. The contest creator then straps the book to the handlebars of his actual hog and rides it, you guessed it, to Hull and back, and films it all with a GoPro. The man is a genius. Bless him.

Inspiration Monday: Convent Infiltration

This week at the InMon Boutique: Narrowly escaped buying a  new bridesmaid’s dress by discovering one of the correct color from a previous wedding hiding in my closet. #winning.

In other news: next week is the first once-monthly set of prompts.

And now for our top stories:


Inspiration Monday: Soul Surgeon

This week at the InMon table: Why do they insist on one big meal to replace both lunch and dinner on Thanksgiving? It’s not like I can eat any more in one sitting just because I starved myself earlier. So ironically, despite having around 40 lbs of turkey and ham on top of that, I don’t think I ate enough on Thursday. In other news, you could find out which planet makes the best French fries and other wonderful things if you followed me on Pinterest.

Inspiration Monday: Vegetable Oppression

This week at InMon station alpha, Thanksgiving! Turkey never really got me excited but there will be pie. Gratitude is a big factor in happiness, so I hope you all take a moment to remember what you’re grateful for, no matter what country you’re from. I also hope you can eat some pie.