Inspiration Monday: Duck Duck Goose

Driving home from work today, figuring out a conversation between two characters that won’t even happen until book three – I start tearing up. Do your characters ever make you cry?

Regardless, feel free to laugh or cry for these characters:





How to Sneak in Scenic Description

Photo by Tri Nguyen

Photo by Tri Nguyen

Setting is as necessary as plot and character, but only as far as it influences plot and character, the way the water-starved planet Arrakis affects everything that happens in Dune.

No one reads a book for the scenery; it’s a nice bonus if described artfully, but it’s not what makes us crack the pages.

Inspiration Monday: Look at Me Now

Check out the last post of my guest series over at WritersClubKL – a warning to all writers.  And experience a wide range of emotions while reading this week’s InMonstories:







Oops, I missed Chris

The Rules

Inspiration Monday: What’s He Building in There?

Saw Oblivion last night and found it better than I expected. That’s the second time this month! Love it when that happens. Also, just wrapped up a four-day weekend full of writing and fireworks!

Can this get any better? Oh yes:



Chris and another

Inspiration Monday: Angel Hair

I forgot to mention: the second in my series of guest posts over in Raina’s world is up; Writers: What Will You Do with Your Power? And ooo, Raina added in a Neil Gaiman speech (he is SUCH a pleasure to listen to). So check that out.