Inspiration Monday: Faith in Smoke

Busy, busy, busy. I imagine you all are, too – hence the quietude these past weeks.

But my two star InMonsters keep coming back week after week! And always bringing something interesting!



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The Rules

Inspiration Monday: Metaphorphosis

So the site went down today – that’s what happens when you don’t check the email address where the web host sends the bills. Oh, the joys of self-hosting! How is it that a magazine subscription you never signed up for can auto-renew itself and charge your credit card, but you can’t get your web host to auto-renew, huh?

Inspiration Monday: Parallax

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

How does this sentence make sense? You’d know if you followed me on the Googles! Or you could probably just Google it.

Look at all the fun things to read this week (be advised, some are sad)!



Inspiration Monday: Choose to Forget

Hey all: it seems the trackbacks/pingbacks aren’t always reliable, so please make sure you leave a comment with a link to your piece so you know I get it (I do appreciate your still linking back here; it helps other folks discover the InMon community).