How to Fix Your Sagging Plot

Does your story sag in the middle? Do you feel like you’re plowing through boring scenes just to get to the cool ones? Is your protagonist wandering around aimlessly, looking for the climax?

It’s not enough to have all the major events written down in a neat little list – what you need is structure.

When Editing Goes Too Far

measuring tape

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I preach plenty about trimming the fat from writing. Strunk, White and Zinsser command it, and I’ve learned it firsthand from dealing with limited space in ads, radio commercials and billboards.

Efficient writing is better writing.

The 300th Post: Featuring the Top 10

Yes folks, you are reading post number 300 on BeKindRewrite! Applause! Music! Fanfare! And in monument to this momentous moment, I present the top ten most viewed posts (so far). Click through and read ’em if you haven’t already.

#10. Tips for Creating Lovable and Relatable Protagonists

#10. Tips for Creating Lovable and Relatable Protagonists

5 Ways to Build a Detailed World Without Boring Your Readers

Photo by InterdimensionalGuardians. Interesting.

Photo by InterdimensionalGuardians. Interesting.

It’s the year 2053. Earth has made first contact with an extraterrestrial race; socialist aliens who reproduce asexually. You, now a literary giant, are tasked with adapting a sample of Earth literature for the aliens to enjoy. The book is Pride and Prejudice.

Great Free Research Resource for Writers

I have a post about a new proofreading software 95% done. But I just don’t think I have the last 5%  in me tonight. It has been a long week and a longer day. So instead, I’ll leave you with a super cool research resource I recently discovered.

Photo by Brett Jordan

Photo by Brett Jordan