Voice Week – Things to Know

Voice Week starts Monday, and if you’re like me, you’re not quite ready yet! If I can just get those last two voices sounding right…

Anyway, some housekeeping before we start:

Inspiration Monday is postponed until next week. So you get two weeks to play with the prompts I posted last week! Woohoo!

When Editing Goes Too Far

measuring tape

Photo by Ciara McDonnell

I preach plenty about trimming the fat from writing. Strunk, White and Zinsser command it, and I’ve learned it firsthand from dealing with limited space in ads, radio commercials and billboards.

Efficient writing is better writing.

Voice Week 2012: Friday

I survived the wedding! Now still catching up on linking, commenting, replying, etc., but also still hanging with relatives and friends from out of town, so I may not completely catch up until tomorrow.

I forgot, since last year, how fun this project is!

Here’s my piece to end the week!