Voice Week 2014: Aaaaaa!!!


September 22 – 26

Yes, friends, the time has come for the fourth annual, astounding, splendiferous, phantasmagorical, pen-bending event known as Voice Week.

Voice Week is a five day blogging challenge wherein average, ordinary citizens of the writing world push their literary abilities to the very limits of sanity–and possibly much further.

What’s as Dangerous as a Fairy Tale Ending – and How to Avoid It

Photo by Joe Penna

Photo by Joe Penna

Today’s topic comes to us from Jubilare:

“I worry a lot about the dysfunction of my characters being taken as an approval of dysfunction in relationships.…One can avoid idealizing the flaws, sure, but how does one accept that humans and relationships are flawed without sending out the message that people should be satisfied with potentially abusive relationships…without seeming to say ‘look at the nice romance you can have with people who have X dangerous flaws’?”

Your plot is useless without this

Image by Francisco Osorio

Image by Francisco Osorio

A hundred strangers cling to one another as their runaway train thunders toward a dead end.

Across town, the only woman you’ve ever loved is strapped to a time bomb.

Save her, keep your heart from breaking. But a thousand other hearts get broken instead.

How to Introduce Your Hero Without Exposition

Image by Pat Loika

Image by Pat Loika

Your protagonist is up for a job interview.

The position: adventure guide.

The hiring company: your reader.

Should your characters be likable or relatable?

Image: RoseofTimothywoods

Image: RoseofTimothywoods

You’ve heard about making your protagonists relatable. And you’ve heard about making them likable. Are they the same thing? If not, which is more important?

The difference between likeability and relatability