Inspiration Monday: best nightmare

So by now you probably all know that I goofed, or some mysterious technological misfortune prevented me from posting prompts last week. Fortunately Chris covered for me! Extra awesome points to Chris! So, first, here are all the people who wrote the week before last.




Inspiration Monday: stronger than fate

Enjoying some off-time now! Hurray for vacation! Also thoroughly enjoyed all your pieces this week, and won’t keep y’all from reading them any longer!






LovetheBadGuy continues Sleet’s story.

EDIT:: I missed Stella! Apologies. : )

And Siggi!

Inspiration Monday: a dying art

Home again, but Internet will be spotty again Thursday through Saturday (happy Thanksgiving everyone!). Things still look good for a post this Friday though (it’ll just be scheduled). Enough of my boring life; read some of these great stories: I know you’ll get sucked in.




Inspiration Monday: follow the colors

I had a great weekend! Saw some family, bought some books, drank really good coffee. Finished re-reading the Hobbit and I think I found what I want on my tombstone (because what writer hasn’t thought about that?). Ten million awesome points if you can guess what I picked! Or you could spend your time reading these awesome pieces instead:

Inspiration Monday: looking down on the stars

A bit of a slow week in Rewriter land; it is November, after all. Extra awesome points to those of you doing NaNoWriMo who also managed to write InMon stories this week!!! You’re all insane. But in a good way. Read and be inspired!

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