Bradbury InMon: Time to Use Our Lists

Time for the next installment in the experimental Ray Bradbury edition of Inspiration Monday, based on Bradbury’s own list-making technique.

Check out the lists we created:




If I missed you (Tara?), please post your list, leave a comment, and I’ll link to it!

Inspiration Monday: Time Web

This month in the InMon offices: I’m a week late with prompts. Yes. I was distracted last week by the news, among other things. In other news, I will likely be rethinking InMon before the end of the year. Perhaps it needs an update, perhaps it’s time to be replaced with something else entirely. Any thoughts on the subject? Please leave a comment.

Inspiration Monday: Angel Investor

This month in the InMon gallery: So many much things happening. Except much writing. Argh. Today I did find myself researching nuclear weapons for the WIP, however. And worrying again about landing on government watch lists. In other news, a new blog post is on its way to answer a question about subplots! Stay tuned.