How to Format Your Manuscript – the song!

Long ago, I made a how-to video for formatting your novel manuscript. Unfortunately, when Google bought YouTube and connected everyone’s YT/G+ accounts, the video was somehow lost in the shuffle.

But you know what they say: when life deletes your YouTube videos – make musical versions!

A peek inside the publishing world

Sorry for the late post – my eyes were so tired last night, I didn’t want to open them, let alone stare at a screen. Actually, I’m typing this with them shut right now. I know, I know, I need new glasses.

Shocking! (Photo by Morgan)

Shocking! (Photo by Morgan)

Hooking interest with a killer hook

Between two marketing campaigns, a video, a cousin’s wedding, and a best friend coming into town, I didn’t write a new post this week.

The I in AIDA

HOWEVER – my absence is your excellent opportunity to learn (or review)  how to write a hook – that thing that’s going to grab the interest of friends at cocktail parties, literary agents in query letters, and bookstore browsers who glance at the back cover.

NaNoWriMo and manuscript formatting: videos!

It occured to me this week that my How to Format Your Manuscript post would have been much easier to understand in video form. So I made a video! The sound is a little tinny, but still understandable:

Got questions? Got ideas for other instructional videos? Leave them in the comments!