Flash Fiction: The Mysterious Case of the Marshmallow Mushroom Forest

I wrote this piece for Jubilare, who figured out a way to redeem her awesome points. She gave me a writing challenge. The prompt: “The Mysterious Case of the Marshmallow Mushroom Forest.” No other stipulations. This is what I came up with. I hope you like it, Anne!

Voice Week 2012: Friday

I survived the wedding! Now still catching up on linking, commenting, replying, etc., but also still hanging with relatives and friends from out of town, so I may not completely catch up until tomorrow.

I forgot, since last year, how fun this project is!

Here’s my piece to end the week!

Voice Week 2012: Tuesday

Second voice for the prompt “rained out picnic.”

"Today my voice is ______."

She wist not what howling winds and dank rains

The heavens might let fall that merry day,

So kneeling her down before the window,

Begged Saint Medard sunshine for the morrow.