Voice Week 2012: Tuesday

Second voice for the prompt “rained out picnic.”

"Today my voice is ______."

She wist not what howling winds and dank rains

The heavens might let fall that merry day,

So kneeling her down before the window,

Begged Saint Medard sunshine for the morrow.

Short Fiction: Fraternization

A little piece of fiction that’s been hanging in my head for awhile. It’s too long and too schmaltzy, but I don’t have time to shorten it – and we’ll just chalk it up to the self-indulgence of the hopeless romantic, eh?  Constructive criticism welcome.

Photo by Chris Costes

July flash fiction: Independence Day

Let’s hope I practice what I preach.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted some real writing. I wrote this last week based entirely on the phrase “my cappuccino is a choppy sea” which came to me randomly. Maybe I should make it an InMon prompt.