Holiday Archives: How to Get Close to Your Characters

I hope you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a good one! For me, Turkey Day marks the beginning of the holiday season, which means I’m on soft hiatus till the new year. InMon will continue weekly as usual, but on Fridays, you’ll see links to some archived posts from years past. Hopefully they are fresh to you, or at least good reminders. Here’s this week’s!

Your plot is useless without this

Image by Francisco Osorio

Image by Francisco Osorio

A hundred strangers cling to one another as their runaway train thunders toward a dead end.

Across town, the only woman you’ve ever loved is strapped to a time bomb.

Save her, keep your heart from breaking. But a thousand other hearts get broken instead.

3 movies every writer should see

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If your sweetheart is a fellow writer and you’re planning a movie night for Thursday (or, like me, you are celebrating Singles Awareness Day and need verification that you are not alone in the world), try one of these three writerly movies (okay, only one is technically a romance, but work with me here).

Fraternization – revised!

The unbearably schmaltzy story is back – now edited according to your suggestions! 

Big stuff that changed:

  • I kept the Times job, but gave our heroine a little more control over her emotions
  • I made up a specific memory from the relationship to be more showy, less telly