Inspiration Monday: Comfortably Numb

This week in the InMon Nation: Telling someone I like Pink Floyd, having someone test me by asking me to name one person in the band, naming Roger Waters uncertainly because it had been very long day and after all I can like a band without knowing all their names I mean who the heck knows the names of the Beach Boys there’s like a million of them not that I love them as much as Pink Floyd but hey there are a lot of Rogers in classic rock I mean look at Roger Daughtry, and someone telling me that isn’t one of them, and then me looking it up later, and finding out I was right all along.

Inspiration Monday: Paper Storm

This week at InMon station: The rain continues, thank the Lord. It’s still rather warm at times, but I’m starting to hope that we are already done with the dog days. Bring on the season of orange-colored coffee concoctions!

And now for our top stories:

John and another

Inspiration Monday: Netherdoor

This week at the InMon Homestead: The giving of thanks! The comping of food. The cuffing of hands. The towing of cars. The raining of rain.

A light (but enjoyable) week for our top stories; the timing is good, because my brain is squash:




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