How to put writing talent to work in the “real world”

 Nobody writes their first novel and suddenly hits it big. Well, almost nobody. Most of us need some way to pay for peanut butter and Spaghetti-O’s while we’re shopping for literary agents. 

The good news? All this novel-writing experience can be used towards something other than novel-writing.

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Inspiration Monday: don’t run

This week, I noticed that I have a disturbing new habit of sticking apostrophes where they don’t belong, on plural word’s. <like that! ME! I usually notice and fix it before anyone else reads it, but it frightens me nonetheless because I have never done that before. Am I losing my mind???

Inspiration Monday: Impossible to ignore

An exciting week! Fifteen or so VoiceWeek writers signed up already–comment anywhere if you want to join in. Remember, you’re free to start writing your entries now–just don’t start posting till the 26th!

Now enjoy some genius:

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