Inspiration Monday: my homework ate the dog

Watching World Series game 5. This has got to be a conspiracy of the blood pressure drug companies. Best get your mind off it by reading some of this week’s work. I’m off to watch the bottom of the fifth!

Mike and another

Barb (last week)



How to get rid of background exposition PART 2

 So let’s finish up Example Number 2 from last week.

Once again, the background exposition (telling):

I had been the youngest ever accepted into the Academy, and the quickest ever to graduate. Since then, I had sought out every acclaimed blade-wielder in the five kingdoms, and defeated them all. I had come to this city for one reason only; to challenge the last.

Inspiration Monday: breaking into prison

My Rangers are going to the World Series again! This time, we’ll finish what we started. In other news…I can’t think of any other news. Except that Chris, I shipped Podkayne on Saturday. So we shall see how long it takes to get halfway across the world! Now, go ye and read some fantastic work…then write some more:

Show, Don’t Tell: how to get rid of background exposition

Background exposition. When your characters have enough history to fill another whole book, but you’re not ready to write that book yet (or ever).

It usually looks like this (notice the proliferation of past perfect tense):

Inspiration Monday: the gunman is useless

RLW chose Hitchhikers, which was fortunate, because our second winner, Chris of ChrisWhiteWrites already had it! RLW, I shipped yours last Saturday and Chris, I’ll ship Podkayne this Saturday. Everyone; be sure to pop over to Voice Week once more, as there were a few late submissions that are well worth the read. : )