Inspiration Monday: Soul Surgeon

This week at the InMon table: Why do they insist on one big meal to replace both lunch and dinner on Thanksgiving? It’s not like I can eat any more in one sitting just because I starved myself earlier. So ironically, despite having around 40 lbs of turkey and ham on top of that, I don’t think I ate enough on Thursday. In other news, you could find out which planet makes the best French fries and other wonderful things if you followed me on Pinterest.

Inspiration Monday: Vegetable Oppression

This week at InMon station alpha, Thanksgiving! Turkey never really got me excited but there will be pie. Gratitude is a big factor in happiness, so I hope you all take a moment to remember what you’re grateful for, no matter what country you’re from. I also hope you can eat some pie.

Inspiration Monday: Comfortably Numb

This week in the InMon Nation: Telling someone I like Pink Floyd, having someone test me by asking me to name one person in the band, naming Roger Waters uncertainly because it had been very long day and after all I can like a band without knowing all their names I mean who the heck knows the names of the Beach Boys there’s like a million of them not that I love them as much as Pink Floyd but hey there are a lot of Rogers in classic rock I mean look at Roger Daughtry, and someone telling me that isn’t one of them, and then me looking it up later, and finding out I was right all along.

Inspiration Monday: Tour-de-Farce

This week in InMon fields: It is raining and my dog is cabin-feverish. He weeps at my feet and refuses to join me on the couch for cuddles. In other news, absolutely nothing of importance is happening tomorrow. We can only wish.

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Inspiration Monday: Trick or Retreat

This week in InMon Manor: Halloween! Happy that! In other news, today I was in the break room trying to decide between a cookie with purple icing and a cookie with green icing, when my coworker swooped in. She sported a green shirt and no voice, due to a mean case of allergies. In a hoarse whisper, she told me, “I want green…to match my phlegm.”