Inspiration Monday: Noise Mirage

This week in the InMon jungle: I bought a doorbell that plays amusing music. While at Super Walmart buying said doorbell, I saw a guy in a business suit. A business suit. In Walmart. I can only assume he wandered in accidentally while checking stock prices on his very expensive phone and was in the middle of housewares before he knew what he was about. Last I saw him, he had a new appliance under his arm and was looking perplexed and a little desperate. Poor, well-dressed man. I hope he made it out.

Inspiration Monday: Infernal Epistles

This week in the InMon library, I’m minding my own business reading a Dia Calhoun fantasy when I realize the protagonist is bipolar. Brava, Ms. Calhoun. In other news, you still have seven days to contribute to Mark’s War of the Worlds: Retaliation Kickstarter campaign to get yourself a copy.

Inspiration Monday: Soul Surgeon

This week at the InMon table: Why do they insist on one big meal to replace both lunch and dinner on Thanksgiving? It’s not like I can eat any more in one sitting just because I starved myself earlier. So ironically, despite having around 40 lbs of turkey and ham on top of that, I don’t think I ate enough on Thursday. In other news, you could find out which planet makes the best French fries and other wonderful things if you followed me on Pinterest.

Inspiration Monday: Vegetable Oppression

This week at InMon station alpha, Thanksgiving! Turkey never really got me excited but there will be pie. Gratitude is a big factor in happiness, so I hope you all take a moment to remember what you’re grateful for, no matter what country you’re from. I also hope you can eat some pie.