Inspiration Monday: Trick or Retreat

This week in InMon Manor: Halloween! Happy that! In other news, today I was in the break room trying to decide between a cookie with purple icing and a cookie with green icing, when my coworker swooped in. She sported a green shirt and no voice, due to a mean case of allergies. In a hoarse whisper, she told me, “I want green…to match my phlegm.”

Inspiration Monday: Heart Control

This week in the House of InMon: Dipping my toes into the publishing world again. Things have changed since I was last exploring here. Books about 18- to 35-year-olds have their own genre now: “New Adult,” while “Young Adult” has NOT been changed to something like “Pre-Adult.” And agents are tracking their manuscript wish lists with #MSWL. Biggest thing the market seems starved for? Books with minority protagonists. So if you’ve got one, dig it out and dust it off.

Inspiration Monday: Future Veteran

This week in InMon Cove: It’s dark and yucky outside and I LOVE it. At last! It’s only supposed to get to 90 once this week. In other news, Jubilare has provided all of today’s prompts because she is awesome and I had none.

And now for our stop stories:

Inspiration Monday: Dust Moat

This week in the InMon furnace:

Dog: You’rehomeyou’rehomeyou’rehomelet’sgoonaWALK!

Me: It’s 101 degrees outside.

Dog: OKgreatlet’sgoonaWALK!

Me: But it feels like 106 degrees.

Dog: HeyIknowlet’sgoonaWALK!

Me: There’s a heat advisory and everything.

Dog: NobutwhatifwewentonaWALK???

*stops halfway down normal evening route*