Inspiration Monday: Dust Moat

This week in the InMon furnace:

Dog: You’rehomeyou’rehomeyou’rehomelet’sgoonaWALK!

Me: It’s 101 degrees outside.

Dog: OKgreatlet’sgoonaWALK!

Me: But it feels like 106 degrees.

Dog: HeyIknowlet’sgoonaWALK!

Me: There’s a heat advisory and everything.

Dog: NobutwhatifwewentonaWALK???

*stops halfway down normal evening route*

Inspiration Monday: Emergency Nickname

This week in the InMon Camp: Winning Butterfingers for being terrible at bowling. I have only just now realized the pun. In other news, while the unbearable heat continues, so does the dog’s twice daily need to catalog scents throughout the neighborhood.

And now for our top stories.


Inspiration Monday: Underwater Sky

This week in the pages of InMon: I kinda feel like we need some InMonsters named Matthew and Luke for some reason. In other news, did you know that when you acquire a chicken in a dream, you must travel to a magical land behind a waterfall to fill out an ownership transference form? I would know.

Inspiration Monday: Meeting of the Muses

These two weeks in InMon: Vacuuming endlessly. And going back to the store to forget the one thing you forgot yesterday, only to realize tomorrow that you forgot something else. In other news, there is a mosquito in my house and it is enjoying a feast. Curse thy spindled blood-lusting snout and the welts that spring from whence you withdraw it! Fie!