What to Include in Your First Draft (and What to Skip)

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Image by VeggieFrog

The “experts” say your first draft should be quick and rough, and that you fix it in later drafts. But when I first started writing, I didn’t get that. Why should I waste time writing a “rough” draft that I’ll have to correct later? Why not just take the time to make it perfect the first time around?

Inspiration Monday: Stolen Sleep

One of those racing days, when you think of all the things you want to do before Friday and you realize you can’t get them all done. Was a blog post coming this week? Maybe next week. It’s sooo close.

But soft! Someone around here is writing:



Inspiration Monday: Laundry Siege

I have neither anecdote nor vague reference for you today, but I may have a post for you soon. It is in that tricky, too-long phase when it still needs noodling, trimming, and clarification. Soon. Soon.

On the other hand: Now, now: