Inspiration Monday: New Names

Alright, me hearties, if it please you to take a finer challenge upon yourselves, look no further than this special edition of Inspiration Monday, whereupon if you wish to limit yourself to writing only 50 words, you are welcome to do so.

Inspiration Monday: Cost of Living

I love re-watching my favorite movies and shows with people who haven’t seen them before – it’s like I get to experience them for the first time again.

But you can experience something for the first time, right now! Several things!




ChaoticallyYours (MC*)

Farewell: I Go to My Home Fries


Image by Rusty Clark

As I alluded in my last non-prompt-related post, I recently joined the Church of the Lonely Potato (braise him!).

I was hoping to avoid this, but…I must stop blogging. To follow in the footsteps of the Transcendental Tuber and achieve perfect Loneliness, I must stop writing altogether. Those dedicating their lives to hashbrown hermitude have time for nothing but reclusiveness and root vegetables along the Via Solanum Tuberosum.

Inspiration Monday: New Face

Look at all these names! New InMonsters and veterans returned! Also, bought even more books at another library book sale over the weekend, so I’m feeling good, though running out of shelf space.



Chris and another






9 Storytelling Blunders That Make You Look like an Amateur

image of Riker facepalming

Image from Dark Uncle


You may be a grammatical black belt, leaping big vocabulary words in a single bound. But take care: you could still be making elementary mistakes that’ll leave your readers cringing, eye-rolling, and yes, even face-palming.