Inspiration Monday: Uncertain Death

This week in InMon territory: Burning dead lavender clippings. Mwahahaha. In other news, Jubilare and I are forming a band called Hugo Weaving and the Wacky Superscience Shenanigans. Look for our new hit single, Negative Space Wedgie, in record stores everywhere when pigs fly.

And now for our top stories:

Inspiration Monday: We Come in Pieces

This week in the InMon Laboratory: Writing eight pages with the kind of ease that makes me think, “At this rate, I’ll have a draft within a year,” even though I know the rate never lasts. Two steps forward. In other news, sometimes I feel like I’ve used certain prompts before. But I’m too lazy to look. It’s not like they expire!

Inspiration Monday: Heart Control

This week in the House of InMon: Dipping my toes into the publishing world again. Things have changed since I was last exploring here. Books about 18- to 35-year-olds have their own genre now: “New Adult,” while “Young Adult” has NOT been changed to something like “Pre-Adult.” And agents are tracking their manuscript wish lists with #MSWL. Biggest thing the market seems starved for? Books with minority protagonists. So if you’ve got one, dig it out and dust it off.

Inspiration Monday: Future Veteran

This week in InMon Cove: It’s dark and yucky outside and I LOVE it. At last! It’s only supposed to get to 90 once this week. In other news, Jubilare has provided all of today’s prompts because she is awesome and I had none.

And now for our stop stories: