Inspiration Monday: In Other Newts

Chase keeps sending me credit card applications and I’ve been saving the business return envelopes, because postage is paid. I intend to fill them with random flash fiction and send them to unwitting credit employees.

In the meantime, here’s some flash fiction that’s available for anyone to read!


Inspiration Monday: This Won’t Hurt A Bit

Today I was trying to convince someone to watch Doctor Who. He said, “There’s no way I could ever find time to watch it all.” And I said, “Well you don’t have to start from the beginning. You can start with the new series, which is only…uh. Well, it’s eight seasons long.”

Inspiration Monday: What Are the Chances?

You know what’s great? The first cold day of the season (and by “cold,” I mean, under 60 degrees Fahrenheit), going to a library book sale and then spending another cool, rainy evening taking the plastic library book covers off of them. I find it so relaxing.

Voice Week 2014 Recap!

Voice Week 2014

Voice Week 2014 might have been the best one yet. I think the variety of voices, and both the subtle and sharp contrasts between them, were striking. There were old and young, human and animal (and somewhere in between), cynical and optimistic. The stories were intriguing and I was surprised by more than a few twists.