April Wallpaper: Check Your Browser for InMonsters

I created a suggestion box this week! Check it out in the menu above. If there’s a topic you want to see covered, or if the floating share buttons annoy the heck out of you, let me know there!

In other news, the wallpaper this month is a little tribute to the InMonsters!

March Wallpaper: Life is Terminal

Today’s quote comes from Jerry Slauter, inspired by last week’s conversation about paranoia and writing. The typewriter photo comes from Heavenly Cabins where apparently you can luxuriate in the Smoky Mountains. Why are they taking pictures of typewriters? Who wouldn’t? I’m just grateful they filed it under creative commons.

January Wallpaper: tell your ego to shut up

So I’m doing wallpapers now! Just a little “Hey, it’s the last Friday of the month; let’s take it easy and enjoy some free stuff” kind of a thing.

I’m no expert at this art/typography thing. I hope you like it anyway. The quote comes from the first post of the month.