October Wallpaper: Voices (what else?)

Voice Week 2013 is just a little over a week away! Now’s the time to sign up – tell me in the comments if you want to. You can actually sign up right through November 4, but the earlier the better!

Aaaand here’s some wallpaper. I like the faces. Though at a glance it looks kind of creepy.

August Wallpaper: That Wasn’t in the Book

This month’s wallpaper was inspired by almost every based-on-a-book movie ever made. The TV photo is by DailyInvention.

In other news, the YouTube version of Pride & Prejudice, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which I reviewed on this blog, just won an Emmy! A rare instance of an adaptation I approve of (though the A&E version is still first in my heart. After the book, of course).