Review:’s “Writing Dynamo” program

 If you’re on (owned by as much as I am, you’ve probably seen their Writing Dynamo program advertised. Tagged “Your personal writing coach,” the program professes itself to be “Accurate, effective, web-based proofreading.”

Were you excited?

I was.

3 movies every writer should see

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If your sweetheart is a fellow writer and you’re planning a movie night for Thursday (or, like me, you are celebrating Singles Awareness Day and need verification that you are not alone in the world), try one of these three writerly movies (okay, only one is technically a romance, but work with me here).

Pride & Prejudice & Vlogging: Lizzie Bennett Diaries challenges us to think outside the book

Yesterday, Mr. Darcy blew up the Internet.

Since the modern-day Lizzie Bennett uploaded her first video diary on YouTube six months ago, tens of thousands of Austen fans have been holding their figurative breaths in anticipation of seeing the one, the only, the Darcy. Dubbed “Darcy Day” (as if it needed any more hype!) it was, despite my worries, not a disappointment.

What Happened to George Lucas?


babies dressed as princess leia and obi wan

Image by Steve Winton

Jar Jar Binks did not ruin Star Wars.

Actually, I found Jar Jar amusing. But there’s a reason I put it on my “If I Ever Get Filthy Rich” to-do list to buy the rights to Star Wars so I can completely remake the prequels:

Sam Betrays Frodo: A Mockingjay Review

SPOILER ALERT for Mockingjay (The Hunger Games) and Return of the King (The Lord of the Rings).

Just Say No

Image by Marc Falardeau

After finishing the Hunger Games trilogy, I was torn between:

  1. Wanting to learn the author’s techniques so I could make my readers feel as strongly for my characters as I did for the Hunger Games characters