Farewell: I Go to My Home Fries


Image by Rusty Clark

As I alluded in my last non-prompt-related post, I recently joined the Church of the Lonely Potato (braise him!).

I was hoping to avoid this, but…I must stop blogging. To follow in the footsteps of the Transcendental Tuber and achieve perfect Loneliness, I must stop writing altogether. Those dedicating their lives to hashbrown hermitude have time for nothing but reclusiveness and root vegetables along the Via Solanum Tuberosum.

50 Words in the Trenches

Photo of WWI soldiers in the trenches

Image from Ellen Thompson

“We’re standing in our own graves.”

Jim looked at Harry, at the rivulets of water cutting streaks down his muddy face. He looked at his combat boots, ankle deep in trench sludge mixed with blood. Eighteen days in a standoff. Rations gone. Ammunition dwindling.