I Attempt Time Travel

A: Let me know if you invent or discover a time-machine. 😛
S: You need more time? Or a do-over?
A: More time. Do-overs are risky. For that matter, Virginia’s superpower could also work.
S: True. Wouldn’t wanna rip a hole in spacetime. …I have a cardboard cutout of the TARDIS, but so far as I know, it’s not a working model.
A: Track down Calvin and Hobbes.
S: I may have a cardboard box.
A: Attach the two together, then find a smaller box and draw a flux capacitor on it. Can’t cover too many bases, right?
S: Lemme just grab my sonic and my really long scarf…
A: Don’t get eaten by dinos or hunted by time-traveling cyborgs.
A: You would have a sonic screwdriver, wouldn’t you. Yet another reason we are friends. ^_^
S: There are so many!
S: …ok, my attempts have failed. However, I documented the experiment, and sent you the evidence.
Calvin and Hobbes style
Flux capacitor installed
Wired in
Sonic-ing the connectionsAll hooked upthe attempted journeyA: BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Yes. And you are awesome. …you should blog this. Because.
S: Haha. Ok maybe I will.

Advice for Career Writers (and NaNoWriMo Two Months Late)


cartoon robot breaking nanowrimo machine

Image by Davidd/puuikibeach


Way back in November, Bob Clary of Webucator emailed me about writing a piece for their NaNoWriMo promotion. They even wrote questions for me to answer so it would be nice and easy. But because I am lazy a successful copywriter in high demand, I failed to write and publish said blog until now! Oh, as they say, well. Apologies and thanks to Bob and co.