Inspiration Monday V

The brilliance continued last week, as for the first time every prompt was used! Seriously, check them out!

Mike and Mike again

Sonia M.


Indigo Spider


Find an Outlet

Rashmi Kamath

Char submits by email

The Rules

Inspiration Monday IV

Genius abounded on last week’s Inpiration Monday pieces; be sure to check them out!

Screen Scribbla – I’m Not Crazy

Jinx Writings – Crazy

Rashmikamath – Worse than Death

Mike The Last Book in the Universe and I’m Not Crazy

Indigo Spider – I’m Not Crazy/The Stranger on the Subway

Inspiration Monday III

Inspiration Monday has turned out to be even more fun than I thought; the participants have done an incredible job. I am consistently surprised and impressed by their unique interpretations. You should definitely go check them out:

Jinx Writings

Screen Scribbla

Find an Outlet