Inspiration Monday XII

Last week was rife with the (unfounded) insecurity of Rewriters who didn’t like their pieces but had the courage to post them anyway, much to the delight of the readers, who found them as good as ever. Be sure to read around!

Inspiration Monday XI

I think you guys are the nicest people on the planet. And also some of the most talented. Thanks for being so understanding about everything, thanks for being encouraging both to me and to each other, and thanks most of all for writing! I think words are more powerful than any of us realize.

Change coming to Inspiration Monday


Dear, dear, dear Rewriters,

First of all, don’t panic. It’s only a small change, and I think it’ll hurt me more than it hurts you. In fact, I’ve been arguing with myself over it for the past two weeks.

Inspiration Monday X

Whew! More submissions than ever this week – 28! It also happens to be the tenth InMon, and we are well over 100 submissions total. Seems like we should have some kind of anniversary celebration. Happy InMon to us, happy InMon to us! Click the links, they are genius. Happy InMon to us!

Inspiration Monday…uh…IX

Brilliant work again this past week, and one or two new faces! Be sure to read and comment! Rewriters, don’t forget to pingback, and don’t worry if I don’t respond right away. I might not get the chance to read up ’til Friday or Saturday, though I try to approve pingbacks daily. Thanks for bearing with me. : )