Inspiration Monday: Edible Portal

This week at the InMon workshop: Ramping up for Christmas – which means InMon next week is postponed! You’ll get two weeks to work with the prompts below. In other news: There may be changes coming. I don’t know. Stay tuned. And have a lovely Christmas, New Year’s and/or Hanukkah!

Inspiration Monday: Infernal Epistles

This week in the InMon library, I’m minding my own business reading a Dia Calhoun fantasy when I realize the protagonist is bipolar. Brava, Ms. Calhoun. In other news, you still have seven days to contribute to Mark’s War of the Worlds: Retaliation Kickstarter campaign to get yourself a copy.

Inspiration Monday: Soul Surgeon

This week at the InMon table: Why do they insist on one big meal to replace both lunch and dinner on Thanksgiving? It’s not like I can eat any more in one sitting just because I starved myself earlier. So ironically, despite having around 40 lbs of turkey and ham on top of that, I don’t think I ate enough on Thursday. In other news, you could find out which planet makes the best French fries and other wonderful things if you followed me on Pinterest.

Inspiration Monday: Vegetable Oppression

This week at InMon station alpha, Thanksgiving! Turkey never really got me excited but there will be pie. Gratitude is a big factor in happiness, so I hope you all take a moment to remember what you’re grateful for, no matter what country you’re from. I also hope you can eat some pie.