Inspiration Monday: Dust Moat

This week in the InMon furnace:

Dog: You’rehomeyou’rehomeyou’rehomelet’sgoonaWALK!

Me: It’s 101 degrees outside.

Dog: OKgreatlet’sgoonaWALK!

Me: But it feels like 106 degrees.

Dog: HeyIknowlet’sgoonaWALK!

Me: There’s a heat advisory and everything.

Dog: NobutwhatifwewentonaWALK???

*stops halfway down normal evening route*

Inspiration Monday: Emergency Nickname

This week in the InMon Camp: Winning Butterfingers for being terrible at bowling. I have only just now realized the pun. In other news, while the unbearable heat continues, so does the dog’s twice daily need to catalog scents throughout the neighborhood.

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