Inspiration Monday: Blue with Envy

This week in the InMon Vale: Finally watched the beautiful Stranger Things, and #WeAreAllBarb. In other news, there seems to be some trouble with the comment system, so I’m gonna try making updates and clearing caches and see if that does anything.

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Inspiration Monday: Muse’s Revenge

This week in InMon Gardens: Fun with weed wackers! In other news, when you finally get an entire day to dedicate to writing, and then you spend the entire day staring at the computer and come up with like one major plot development but NO words, and then finally around 8 p.m. when you’re trying to scrounge something for dinner, the words finally start to come, but you have to go to bed soon – that’s when you realize why it takes so darn long to finish anything. *Shakes fist* Curse you, you mischievous muse!

Inspiration Monday: Paper Storm

This week at InMon station: The rain continues, thank the Lord. It’s still rather warm at times, but I’m starting to hope that we are already done with the dog days. Bring on the season of orange-colored coffee concoctions!

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