Inspiration Monday: Toy Patrol

A few months ago, I lost my tweezers. Finally, yesterday I bought some new ones. As I picked them up, I said to myself “And I’m going to find the other ones as soon as I buy these.”

This VERY evening, whilst searching for my sonic screwdriver, I found my tweezers.

Inspiration Monday: Mortal Water

Don’t you hate it when someone calls you from a survey group with a deceptively non-partisan name like “National Research,” convinces you they really do need your opinion because you’re not a retired grandparent like most of their respondents, and then asks you a bunch of rather biased questions?

Inspiration Monday: Brain Bleach

I was opening Evernote to jot down today’s title prompt when I discovered I had already written it there! It was an eerie, glitch-in-the-Matrix type feeling. So weird.

Another short week but the work is so good! Enjoy:





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Inspiration Monday: Songwright

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate we’re living in a time in which Chapstick exists? It’s the little things.

For more little things of big import, check out the mixture of fun and dark stories this week: