Inspiration Monday: Undercover Friend

Well Voice Week was a ton of fun, as usual! I don’t know about you, but I think I’m still recovering. So let’s save the recap for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, it was a quiet two InMon weeks due of course to the aforementioned, but these pieces are well worth reading:

Inspiration Monday: Dark on Your Feet

Voice Week starts one week from today! If you’re participating, please check the Voice Writer list yonder to make sure your name is on it, and let me know if I missed you. We’re up to 20, including me, but there’s still time to join if you haven’t!

Inspiration Monday: Cosmic Lighthouse

So I get only about three hours of sleep Friday night, but still manage to make significant progress in the old WIP on Saturday. And then I seriously consider purposefully sleep-depriving myself next week in an attempt to repeat the effect.

Inspiration Monday: Sunset at Dawn

Three day weekends are the best, y’all. Managed to get quite a bit done!

Ha. You know you’re committed when you get time off from your writing job and you spend it writing.

Don’t worry; I also watched a LOT of Netflix, and finished a book. Didn’t like the book, though.

Inspiration Monday: Metaphorphosis

So the site went down today – that’s what happens when you don’t check the email address where the web host sends the bills. Oh, the joys of self-hosting! How is it that a magazine subscription you never signed up for can auto-renew itself and charge your credit card, but you can’t get your web host to auto-renew, huh?