Archives for the Holidays: How to control people’s thoughts with words

Happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it! While I stay on top of holiday cheer, I’m posting some of my favorite posts from the archives. This one was originally posted last year on December 10.

How to control people’s thoughts with words

I’m almost afraid to publish this post.

Should you write for yourself, or for other people?

Image by AntToeKnee. Check out his profile to read his hilarious bio.

When you sit down to write, who are you writing for? Are you writing only for your own amusement (or catharsis?), or to entertain other people? And which is right?

What to do if your novel has no point

On my desk is a tiny contraption which, when cranked, plays part of Here Comes the Sun. It has no other purpose. Unlike a music box, you can’t store stuff in it. It doesn’t even play the whole song. I paid $9 for this contraption. I could buy nine full songs on iTunes for that.

Sam Betrays Frodo: A Mockingjay Review

SPOILER ALERT for Mockingjay (The Hunger Games) and Return of the King (The Lord of the Rings).

Just Say No

Image by Marc Falardeau

After finishing the Hunger Games trilogy, I was torn between:

  1. Wanting to learn the author’s techniques so I could make my readers feel as strongly for my characters as I did for the Hunger Games characters