10 Cookbooks Inspired by Children’s Fantasy Classics

On a recent work-related web search, I stumbled across one of Roald Dahl’s cookbooks.

Guys. Roald Dahl’s got cookbooks.

Sure, you occasionally hear about a recipe collection inspired by the latest fantasy franchise. But I think there’s something extra special in the idea of recipes from the books we grew up reading. The ones that made our little child-mouths water.

87 Authors of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Golden Age

How well do you know your genre?

I’m on a mission to become better acquainted with mine.

If you’ve ever read Battlefield Earth, you’ve seen the mega list of names to which Hubbard dedicated the book – the Golden Age authors of the magazines from the ’30s and ’40s, such as Amazing Stories and John W. Campbell Jr.’s Astounding Science Fiction.

How to Write Formula Fiction

Image by J. Finn-Irwin

Image by J. Finn-Irwin

You’re probably thinking this entire post should consist of one word:


But it’s not going to. Because as it turns out, there is a right way to write formula fiction.

Let’s start with the preliminaries.

5 Reasons Censorship Isn’t Black and White


Image by Isaac Mao

Next week is Banned Books Week, when we stand up for the right to read whatever we darn well please! It’s when organizations like the National Coalition Against Censorship lead us in “promoting freedom of thought, inquiry and expression and opposing censorship in all its forms.”