Inspiration Monday: Sunset at Dawn

Three day weekends are the best, y’all. Managed to get quite a bit done!

Ha. You know you’re committed when you get time off from your writing job and you spend it writing.

Don’t worry; I also watched a LOT of Netflix, and finished a book. Didn’t like the book, though.

6 Elements of Character Appearance that Go Way Beyond Eye Color

black and white male mannequins

Image by DryHundredFear

A black fedora crouched low over his hooked nose and stiff blonde mustache. He hugged his fraying coat tightly around his body, as if he was afraid it would run off on him, like the second button had. But the really curious thing about the man was the half-carat diamond ring squeezed onto the little finger of his left hand.

Inspiration Monday: Metaphorphosis

So the site went down today – that’s what happens when you don’t check the email address where the web host sends the bills. Oh, the joys of self-hosting! How is it that a magazine subscription you never signed up for can auto-renew itself and charge your credit card, but you can’t get your web host to auto-renew, huh?

Inspiration Monday: Toy Patrol

A few months ago, I lost my tweezers. Finally, yesterday I bought some new ones. As I picked them up, I said to myself “And I’m going to find the other ones as soon as I buy these.”

This VERY evening, whilst searching for my sonic screwdriver, I found my tweezers.

Voice Week 2014: Aaaaaa!!!


September 22 – 26

Yes, friends, the time has come for the fourth annual, astounding, splendiferous, phantasmagorical, pen-bending event known as Voice Week.

Voice Week is a five day blogging challenge wherein average, ordinary citizens of the writing world push their literary abilities to the very limits of sanity–and possibly much further.