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Inspiration Monday: The Dying Sky

MAY 27 EDIT: Looking for the May 26 prompts? They’re coming tonight! Stay tuned.

I’m behind on everything else, but I DID walk 5k (I don’t run), clean out my closet, remove the harddrive from a 1996 computer, and see Taming of the Shrew under the stars over the weekend.

Inspiration Monday: Street Royalty

J.R.R. Tolkien had the names “Beren” and “Luthien” engraved on his and his wife’s tombstone. Yes, Pinterest is educational. Unless Photoshop?

I will ponder this.

Meanwhile, read!

Chris (missed him last week) and this week






Inspiration Monday: Lukewarm Revenge

Happy late Star Wars Day!

In other news, Redshirts is officially added to my list of Books All Writers Must Read (mental note: compile actual list of books all writers must read). Parental disclaimer: there are quite a few f-bombs and some suggestive dialogue, but OMIGOODNESS it’s brilliant. It’s like the sci-fi spoof version of Stranger Than Fiction and Inkheart put together, but also made me cry a little bit.

87 Authors of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Golden Age

How well do you know your genre?

I’m on a mission to become better acquainted with mine.

If you’ve ever read Battlefield Earth, you’ve seen the mega list of names to which Hubbard dedicated the book – the Golden Age authors of the magazines from the ’30s and ’40s, such as Amazing Stories and John W. Campbell Jr.’s Astounding Science Fiction.

Inspiration Monday: Squandered Vision

I was just shopping around for an audio book to keep me company on an upcoming drive. I looked at a couple of inspirational/historical books I’ve been meaning to read but meh. I really just wanted something fun. Then I thought of Redshirts.

I looked it up. And it is narrated by…