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Inspiration Monday: Errant Star

I spent most of Saturday struggling to figure out a certain character, before finally realizing this character has a major thing in common with the protagonist and that I should totally use it.

Why don’t we see these things right away???

Hope all the fathers out there had a happy Father’s Day!

Inspiration Monday: Infant Memoirs

I’ve had various songs from Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds stuck in my head most of the day. I’m not complaining. Y’all should look it up.

But not before reading these tasty tidbits!







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Inspiration Monday: Penguin Flight School

I have a crick in my neck from tilting my head to read book titles at the biggest book sale I have ever been to. A Half-Price Books warehouse clearance sale so huge they had to have it in a convention center! They had grocery carts for books. Bookery carts! They even had a concession stand to revive you in case you passed out between the adult fiction and YA sections.

Inspiration Monday: A Day Late

Today’s title prompt was purposefully chosen. I completely forgot about InMon yesterday, between Memorial Day, a four-hour drive, and two wild dogs. Whoops. Sorry! But 24 hours late doesn’t make that much difference, right?

O see all the good things to read!

MOI and missed him last week