Bradbury InMon: The Stories

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This has been fun! The Bradbury method has definitely added a little something to InMon. It was fun to see what we did with more choices, and what each of us did with our own prompts vs. other people’s.

Here’s the roundup!

  • Tara used my prompt “The Siren” with a titillating yet disturbing piece called “Her Favorite.”
  • Kim wrote a gripping childhood tale about “The Rusty Blade” as well as a warm yet eerie piece called “The Old Straight Path,” based on his own list.
  • Kim also wrote a deliciously moody meeting of spies in “The Ukulele” with Aku’s prompt, and a historical romp with an unsavory king in “The Forest,” based on mine.
  • I wrote about scary insects and commercials in “The Wasps,” based on my own list, and the wake of a battle with evil in “The Darkness Beyond,” based on Kim’s list.

Who did I miss? Speak up!

More news soon.

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  1. Thanks Steph. I enjoyed your Bradbury event. I haven’t written (other than newsletters) for a while so it was good to be creative again!

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