The Darkness Beyond: Bradbury InMon Piece the Second

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Based on Kim’s prompt, “The Darkness Beyond,” in his Inspiration Monday: Bradbury Edition list.

Beyond the splintered back door, beyond the pummeled steps. Beyond the torn-up turf, the broken fence, the parted trees: Darkness.

And not the empty kind of darkness; not merely the absence of light. This darkness is thick, is breathing, is watching. You can feel it.

It hovers, like a snake raising its head.

Kneeling among the shards of glass on the kitchen floor, your fingers folded into fists, your knuckles bruised and split, you stare back.

You stare back and laugh.

KP’s excellent inspiration led me here. I like it rather more than the piece I wrote from my own prompt. Thanks, Kim!

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  1. Ooo! Gripping stuff! Definitely a darker darkness than I was thinking! Well done!

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