Bradbury InMon: Time to Use Our Lists

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Time for the next installment in the experimental Ray Bradbury edition of Inspiration Monday, based on Bradbury’s own list-making technique.

Check out the lists we created:




If I missed you (Tara?), please post your list, leave a comment, and I’ll link to it!

Now What?

Now, we write! Pick an item from your list and write 300 words. Aim first for recreating the feeling that your prompt represents. If that inspires a full story, see where it goes!

Bonus: Pick an item from someone else’s list and write 100-200 words on that. Don’t forget to link back to them!

Post whenever you like, as long as it’s before January 8 (second Monday in January because I will be busy on New Year’s Day).

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Let’s have fun.

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  1. I must admit – as tempting as it is to pick up one of my own, think I’ll try and do something with anothers prompts. Makes this whole exercise a bit more fun.
    Besides, can always write with my own bradbury-prompts anytime! 😀

  2. This sounds good! I’m on it!

    Thanks Steph

  3. I totally misunderstood the idea for these prompts. I need to make my list, but until then I did use your “The Siren” in a short piece…

  4. I’ve posted submissions from my titles at

    My submissions from others’ titles will follow soon …

    Happy new year!

  5. Just posted the second part – my submissions from the others’ titles …

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