Happy Easter: Inspiration Monday Postponed

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I know, I know. In however many years, InMon has never been postponed except for during Voice Week and that one time I forgot to hit “publish.” But I’ve had a doozy of a week (month, really), and it looks like I’m about to have another – which means you all have another week to play with last week’s prompts!

Don’t worry, everything’s fine (kinda great, actually) – just been crazy.

Thanks, y’all.

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  1. Happy Easter, friend of mine! I’m right there with you on the crazy-but-good turf. Also, getting through some more editing. I find myself wanting to rush through some stuff to get to a fun reveal, but unfortunately, for the reveal to work, other things have to come first… I wonder if this means I have plot problems. 😛

    • Happy Easter back! I’ve frequently been in the wanting-to-rush situation. Now I’m still slogging through part 3. I know how this part ends, but I don’t know everything that happens in the middle, so I’m just sort of writing what would logically happen, and I keep writing and writing and feeling like I’m not getting anywhere. And it’s all basically one continuous scene so it seems REALLY long.

      Do you ever have that problem?

      • Do I ever have that problem. Hmm, let’s see. YESALLTHETIMES! That pretty much sums up most of my writing process, actually. Great ideas punctuated by a lot of “what comes in between?” …characters seem to like to fill in the gaps while I am driving. I hate it when they do that.

        Two things seem to help me.

        1. is exactly what you are doing, plus waiting. In other words, I write, and I don’t much like the result so I let it stew in its own juices, then I come back and repeat the process over and over until something clicks. Incidentally, this is what I have been doing with the next chapter I need to send you. Something has finally clicked, and so I plan to send it your way soon. Several chapters that come after it practically wrote themselves and don’t need as much work.

        2. Is bouncing ideas off of people’s heads and seeing if they have any thoughts on it. I don’t usually get answers that way, but I do get new perspectives which often lead to answers.

        • Stewing and bouncing, stewing and bouncing. I have done some bouncing and a lot of stewing. Just takes a little more patience, I suppose. If I can just…figure out…how to end this scene. And start the next one. And put one word in front of the other.

          It’s funny how it sort of gets easier and then it sort of doesn’t.

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